Sunday 26 April 2015

On Persistence

If at first you don't succeed ... then try, try and try again said my primary school headmistress. Today's primary school teacher would probably say something different, like if at first you don't succeed fail fast and pivot.

Facetious ramblings aside, I have been thinking a lot abut persistence recently. I mean in the sense of data storage that survives a crash or the power being turned off.

I thought I would write some stuff down.

1) I have heard about SQL and NoSQL, what is that? A short, opinionated guide for the perplexed.

2) Persistence and Constancy. Or the need to be prepared to switch persistence solutions and some thoughts about how to lessen the pain.

3) ORMs, a Faustian Pact. A rather detailed discussion. Of interest to engineers, if anyone.

Hope of some use


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